Vendor Spotlight: Altilis Beauty

Here’s another spotlight blog post of our amazing vendor, Altilis Beauty. Our marketing director, Jennifer Lyon, sent Kenna Whitnell, founder at Altilis Beauty a few questions about the work she does. Here are her responses!


1. Tell me about your business.


Altilis Beauty® is a plant-based, science-backed skincare company that sources tropical breadfruit and other powerful botanicals for their antioxidant, soothing and protective skin care benefits. We obtain our main active ingredient, breadfruit, directly from micro-farmers in Samoa and other remote locations to provide important economic, social and environmental benefits to their communities. This is the first time that breadfruit has ever been used in skincare products to date.

2. How does it fit with the Eco Market model?  How is it sustainable?

My goal with Altilis Beauty is to produce products that are not only sustainable for the next 20 years but also for the next 200 years. We do this by thoroughly researching every ingredient we use, where it is sourced from, and how it is harvested. Our main active ingredient, breadfruit is a prime example of our mission to use sustainable ingredients. Breadfruit trees are largely abundant, easy to grow, provide an economic opportunity for the villages that we source from, and because we only use the breadfruit flower for our products we are in no way harming the crop during the harvesting process.


3. Tell me about you. What got you here to a green business? Why?

I first began experimenting with ingredients and formulations for natural skincare products as a teenager searching for a natural solution for acne and sensitive skin. However, during a research term at the University of British Colombia, I was introduced to the concept of adulteration and unsustainable sourcing of plant materials. This new-found knowledge inspired me to discontinue my product line and create a new company, Altilis Beauty, where I would focus on using only green and sustainable ingredients such as breadfruit.

4. What are you up to? Any new events? Products?

We recently just launched a number of new products here at Altilis Beauty. Most recently, we launched our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask as well as our Plumping Balm which are both very popular. We have several new products in R&D right now for the new year and we’re looking forward to sharing those with our community over the next few months.

5. Any highlights to share from the Eco Market 2018 event?

We really enjoyed the Eco Market 2018. The event was filled with so much positive energy and like-minded individuals who are as passionate about sustainability as we are!  We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this year.