Vendor Spotlight: A Million Elephants

In this blog post, our marketing gal Jennifer Lyon asked Brittany from A Million Elephants a few questions about her business and how she’s working to keep it as green as she can. Here’s what she came up with:


1. Tell me about A Million Elephants.

A Million Elephants is a jewelry, gift and home decor brand for the conscious consumer. All of our products are handmade and support women in Laos.

2. How do you work to keep sustainability at the core of your business?

All of our products are handcrafted and support a slow fashion mindset. Many of our products are made from recycled materials, including newspaper and war scrap metal. Other products are made out of natural and eco friendly materials, including bamboo and jungle vine. We are careful when selecting products to offer our customers, making sure they are sustainable in nature and following fair trade principles.


3. Tell me about you. What got you here to a green business? Why?

I am a single young mother with 2 children. I have a degree in environmental management and have professional experience working with companies to improve their carbon footprint. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when I decided to start my business, I knew that the concepts of sustainability and having a social aspect had to be a major part of my business model to keep me motivated and passionate about what I was doing.


4.What are you up to? Any new events? Products?

New jewelry designs have just arrived for 2019 and we are so excited to show them soon! This year we are focusing more on getting into retail stores. We are carefully selecting the events we participate in this year and we are so excited for the eco market again! We will also be at the yoga show in March and the buy good feel good expo in April for the spring!

5. Any highlights to share from the Eco Market 2018 event?

This was actually our very first market/event ever! We had no idea what to expect but it was such an unforgettable experience for us! We received so much positive feedback and support from the community and other vendors, which is why we can’t wait to do it again! Jen did such a great job with organizing and communicating with the public and vendors, which i believe is a big reason why it was such a successful event overall.


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