Vendor Spotlight: EnviroThreads

Vendor Spotlight: EnviroThreads, small company based out of Lindsay, ON that sells high quality, environmentally friendly bags. We sent Nadine Franceschini, founder at EnviroThreads, a few questions about the work she does. Here are her answers!

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1.   Tell me about your business/organization.

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I bought EnviroThreads in 2013, it features products that are Made in Canada, I have everything from produce bags to tote bags, tea towels to aprons, gift bags in 3 sizes for everyday and holidays.

2.   How do you work to keep sustainability at the core of your business?

 My fabrics are all natural cotton, organic cotton and hemp. I do all the cutting for the orders myself and employ women who sew from their homes. I sell wholesale mostly, other than a couple of Trade Shows a year. My bags are all about being reusable, I do a lot of branding for companies, working with third parties for printing. Some other of my products that do every well are the Hemp Nut Milk Bag and the Hemp Sprout Bag – making your own and growing your own is a huge movement that I cater to.

3. Tell me about you/your team. What got you/your team here to a green business/organization? Why?

 I love the Organic way of life, reducing the amount of plastic we use, growing your own food from sprouts to herbs to garlic to vegetables/fruit.