Thank you from The Eco Well/The Eco Market!!!! <3

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to The Eco Market yesterday! THANK YOU for making our first event a huge success! Thank you to all of our outstanding vendors who took a risk and joined our show in its first year of running. Thank you to the speakers that traveled from throughout Ontario to give presentations in the theatre. The goal of our event was to support local green businesses and innovation and to have a more meaningful conversation with our community about working together for a more sustainable future. We’re so pleased with how our show turned out, and so grateful for all of the support we’ve received throughout our community. We’re especially grateful to our volunteers who were doing an AWESOME job all throughout the day and leading up! We absolutely could not have done this show without your help!! An extra big thank you to our volunteer coordinators Jen L and Allison Purdy - these gals have dedicated so much time, energy, creativity, and love to our event. This event was run by the very tiny 2 person business The Eco Well - we absolutely couldn’t have done this without you two.


Jen from The Eco Well had the idea, about this time last year, to launch this show. From her own experiences running a green social enterprise, she realized that our region could be doing a lot more to elevate these types of business. We have a flourishing community of green enterprises right here in the Kitchener Waterloo region - she wanted to let our whole community know about them. This event wasn’t for profit, was run on a very tiny budget from a very small business, and was operated via volunteers on all sides, including The Eco Well. To anyone who purchased anything at The Eco Market or The Eco Well tables, your support will help make The Eco Market a sustainable and annual event for the KW region. This was a big learning curve for us and there are a lot of things we’ll do even better next year, especially figuring out parking. Thank you for your patience with us there. Honestly, we were only expecting a couple hundred people to come through the doors… we were blown away to have a huge line up before the show even opened and over 600 people through the doors in the first hour!!


The show yesterday will definitely by an annual event, but we also are going to do several community-building events throughout the year. This year, we’re planning on doing smaller markets, speakers nights, and community meetups. If you’d like the details as they come, be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. For our next event, we’re still trying to figure out our venue, but we’re hoping to launch it in June - we’ll be doing a ‘Green Beauty Night’, featuring some of our amazing local indie beauty brands from right here in the KW region. Jen from The Eco Well will also be giving a presentation about sustainability in cosmetics. Stay tuned for when we announce this event in the next couple of weeks.


Finally, door prize winners will be announced Tuesday next week!


THANK YOU from The Eco Well/The Eco Market team <3. Much love!!!

jennifer novakovich