Mini-Podcast Episode: The Eco Market. By Jen Novakovich, Founder at The Eco Market

In this episode of The Eco Well's podcast, Jen took a bit of a break from her usual cosmetic science interviews to talk about The Eco Market. Regular cosmetic focused episodes will resume next week with an interview with Andrea Ashlea from the Holistic Beauty Experience. In this mini-episode, you'll learn what The Eco Market is all about, what you can you expect if you come out to the show and what’s in the future for it. Enjoy!

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About the Author

Jen Novakovich is the founder of The Eco Market, as well as her own education, focused cosmetic business The Eco Well. She's a cosmetic chemist who's passionate about sustainability and science communication. Jen currently travels throughout North America giving presentations on sustainable cosmetics, including in the form of DIY Beauty Lessons, which she frequently does throughout Southern Ontario. The Eco Market has been her passion project for the last year and she's very excited for it to finally happen! :)

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