Vendor Spotlight: Upcycle Lifestyle


Here’s another spotlight blog post of our amazing vendor, Upcycle Lifestyle. Our marketing director, Jennifer Lyon, sent Ann Gibson, founder at Upcycle Lifestyle, a few questions about the work she does. Here are her responses!

1. Tell me about your business.

Upcycle Lifestyle focuses on sustainably produced reusable alternatives to single-use products and grow-with-me fashion for the littles!

2. How do you keep sustainability at the core of your business?

Our production is waste free! A majority of our fabrics are upcycled from other small businesses, flawed yardage, short cuts and ends of bolts. This allows us to use new, high quality fabrics while also moving towards a circular economy without waste as an end product. Once the scraps are too small to sew with, they are used to stuff pet beds for the Humane Society.

3. Tell me about you. What got you here to a green business? Why?

In my day job, I work as an environmental engineer and have always been fascinated by landfills. After having the first-hand experience of working at a landfill for a co-op placement, I was determined to make a difference in the amount of waste produced.

Facial Rounds.jpg

4. What are you up to? Any new events? Products?

2019 is another exciting year of change! The Eco Market will actually be my last vendor show, don't worry Upcycle Lifestyle isn't disappearing, just working towards a slower, more meaningful balance in life. Our full line of reusables will be available online after The Eco Market, as well as easier access to wholesale for our amazing stockists.

5. Any highlights to share from The Eco Market 2018 event?

I had the amazing opportunity to speak about conscious consumerism at The Eco Market 2018 event. It was an experience that put me outside my comfort zone to share the importance of staying conscious in our decisions. Since the Eco Market 2018, I've had the opportunity to work with several zero waste stores in Ontario and the target market for reusables has expanded once again!