Interview with Dayna Stein from Bare Market about Waste Reduction in Cosmetics

In this episode, I spoke with Dayna Stein, founder at a new minimal waste pop-up shop located in Toronto called Bare Market. In our conversation, we broke down the word sustainable and what it means as well as metrics to look for when looking for ‘greener’ products, waste in cosmetics, waste reduction, and lots more. This episode was originally aired on The Eco Well’s podcast, but I enjoyed the conversation so much, I wanted to share it here as well. PS, if you haven’t noticed yet, we’re launching a green beauty night in Toronto, featuring a panel of local experts. I’m really excited to have Dayna with us as one of our panelists at this event, and I think you’ll know why after you listen to our conversation - I think she’s doing absolutely amazing work.


Dayna Stein, Bare Market

Dayna Stein is the founder of Bare Market - Toronto's one-stop shop for package-free goods. Dayna has a Bachelor of Science in sustainable food systems and food security and an Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Prior to starting Bare Market, Dayna was a consultant working with clients across sectors on sustainable food systems and social enterprise development. Now she spends her days making refillable body, home care (and eventually bulk food) options, as well as, "reduced waste" lifestyle items more physically and financially accessible to the everyday consumer. In 2018, Dayna was recognized as Notable Life's Eco-Warrior of the Year.

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