Interview with Emily Mills about Bees in Ontario

In this episode, we featured Emily Mills, a beekeeper located in Northern Ontario, owner at Emily Rose Apiaries and current board of directors member for the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association. In this conversation, we talked about bees, environmental pressures, how we’re impacting bees here in Ontario as well as throughout Canada, the importance of bees in agriculture, and steps we can take to improve the dire situation that bees are facing today. 


Ontario Beekeepers’ Association:

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Emily Mills is the owner of Emily Rose Apiaries - a commercial beekeeping operation with over 75 hives in Peterborough and Northumberland counties. In her operation, the bees come first, always. She is in her second year of a three year term on the board of directors for the Ontario Beekeepers' Association.  In this position, she works on various issues related to the beekeeping industry in Ontario. She is engaged in public education, and teaches introductory beekeeping seminars. She is also proud to supply her local area with pure, unpasteurized honey.

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