Interview with Beth Eden from Impact Alliance about the the UoW Global Solutions Conference

In this episode, I spoke with Beth Eden, one of the co-founders of the new University of Waterloo network, Impact Alliance. On March 16th, they’ll be putting on their first conference, the Global Solutions Conference, a one-day event to showcase different pathways to achieve sustainable development and to promote collaboration through the UN SDGs. In our conversations, we talked about what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  are, the power of collaboration from many disciplines, why they decided to launch their conference, and what you can expect from their event. We also talked about the campus-wide scavenger hunt called GooseChase, happening March 11-15th as a lead-up to the conference, and how students can get involved. If you’d like more details about their conference, be sure to click through the resource links below the podcast. They currently have their early bird tickets available!


  • Tickets for the conference can be found at

  • Find out more information about the alliance, conference and hunt at 

  • The hunt can be found on the GooseChase app with the hunt code: NDV3MV from March 11th at 9 am.


Beth Eden is one of the Co-Founders of the Impact Alliance, a new network at the University of Waterloo gathering university clubs and sustainability-focused students to increase collaboration, share resources, and work towards effective sustainable development on campus.

On March 16th the Impact Alliance will launch the ‘Global Solutions Conference’ at the University of Waterloo. The one-day conference will gather 400 university students and community members across Waterloo Region to showcase the different pathways to achieve meaningful change and promote collaboration through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference aims to equip you with a deeper understanding of sustainability and the transformative power it can have in making a positive impact in the communities we live in. 

A campus-wide scavenger hunt called GooseChase will take place March 11-15th as a lead-up to the conference. University employees, staff and students can participate for a grand prize worth $600. The week-long campaign gathers over 20 services, faculty, and clubs across campus to host online and offline activities to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability and how it takes place in our daily lives. ‘Our Sustainable Future’, a photography exhibition focused on the SDGs, in collaboration between the Aga Khan Museum and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and students from the GTA will be showcased at Davis Centre Fishbowl during the hunt.