Interview with Jenna Quinn about Ecological Research and rare Charitable Research Reserve

In this episode, we featured Jenna Quinn, program scientist at rare Charitable Research Reserve, a 900+ acre urban land trust and environmental institute in the Waterloo Region/Wellington. In our conversation, we talked about Jenna’s path to becoming a scientist with rare, an outlook on Ontario local animals and habitats based on research from rare, citizen science, getting involved and lot’s more. Enjoy!

Jenna Quinn.JPG

Jenna Quinn joined the rare team in spring 2012 and oversees the research and monitoring department. It was her curiosity about wildlife and nature that led her to study biology, and she is now a passionate advocate for our environment. Holding a M.Sc. in biology and a M.Ed. in curriculum development, Jenna is always keen to talk about research projects, field trips, and interesting wildlife sightings. Jenna is also a member of the Waterloo Region Nature club and is editor of their newsletter, The Heron.

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