Interview with Nicole McCallum from WREN about better decision making for better sustainable outcomes

In this episode, we featured Nicole McCallum, co-founder at the Waterloo Region Environment Network (WREN) and current PhD candidate at Laurier. We talked about why she chose to study business and economics to be a change maker in the environmental space, how WREN started and what they do in the region, and better decision making for better sustainable outcomes - the part of the conversation that we focused most of our time on. There’s such an overwhelming problem with misinformation, which is seriously stunting our ability to move forward. An underlying part of progress will be knowledge, and it’s really important that knowledge is actually accurate. We spent a lot of time talking about critical thinking, information bias, the scientific method, interpreting research, and steps we can all take to make better decisions.


Nicole McCallum is a social entrepreneur, SSHRC scholar (National Research Council) and academic, with numerous publications, including a forthcoming textbook and article series on social entrepreneurship. She has helped develop and launch the social entrepreneurship option at Wilfrid Laurier University, co-founded several successful social enterprises, and is highly sought after for consulting on innovation and strategy, including evaluating multi-billion dollar projects for clients such as the World Bank. She is a co-founder and chief strategist for RECYCL3D, in addition to several non-profit initiatives. Learn more about WREN here!

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