Interview with Tara McKenna from Zero Waste Collective about minimal waste lifestyles

In this episode, we featured Tara McKenna, founder of The Zero Waste Collective, a blog and community dedicated to promoting a more minimal waste lifestyle. At this point, we’ve all heard stats about our plastic pollution problem… such as, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. What can we do as individuals to reduce our impact into this problem and maybe, one day, help to solve it? In this conversation, we talked about the zero waste movement, how we can all take little steps to reduce our garbage output, need-to-know’s about our waste management systems, and lots more


Tara McKenna, a Guelph local, is an environmental land use planner by day, and a zero waste advocate all of the time! Growing up, she wondered where her family's trash went when they threw things 'away', but never gave it much thought until more recent years. Tara's vast international travels showed her that garbage is a global problem. Having seen trash floating in the beautiful waters of Bali, to finding litter along the Bruce Trail, she is passionate about reducing waste at its source. Tara shares her experiences and how-to guides on her blog, The Zero Waste Collective. Tara's goal is to inspire everyone reduce their trash, one coffee cup at a time! Our world depends on it.

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