Interview with Hayley Rutherford and Kate Pearce from WGSI about the UN SDG's

In this episode, I spoke with Hayley Rutherford and Kate Pearce from the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI). Our conversation was mostly focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an acronym that you may have already heard of. We talked about what they are, why they’re a good overall outlook on sustainability, SDG action here in Canada, and how we can use the SDGs to make more sustainable decisions. We also touched on ‘eco-anxiety’, meeting people where they’re at for a greater impact and lots more.

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Kate Pearce is passionate about supporting, connecting and enabling communities to connect, create and thrive. As the Community Relations Manager at Waterloo Global Science Initiative, Kate is always looking for new opportunity to collaborate with local leaders, neighborhoods and organizations on new events, activities and initiatives. Hayley Rutherford is a (science) communicator. She currently works in content development, programming, and social media management for Waterloo Global Science Initiative, an organization that catalyzes conversations around big, global problems and develops strategic partnerships to help create solutions. Learn more about the Waterloo Global Science Initiative here!

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