Zero Waste Panel Presentation with Ellin Park, Robyn Hobbs, Sabine Weber and Kathleen Barsoum

For this episode, we tried something new. This past wednesday, we did our first live panel podcast, which happened at Wilfred Laurier University for their Zero Waste Week 2019. You can probably guess what the topic of this discussion was. We chose a lineup of panelists, all with a diverse set of backgrounds, but all working on waste management or reduction in their on industry. Panelists included Robyn Hobbs, founder at a Waterloo-based ‘eco’ fashion and consulting company called Le Prix, Robyn also holds a masters in environmental studies. Ellin Park is the founder at KW’s first ‘zero waste’ store, located Uptown Waterloo called Zero Waste Bulk. Kathleen Barsoum is the coordinator for the Region of Waterloo Waste Management and has a wealth of knowledge about waste management practices. Finally, Sabine Weber s a professor at Seneca College in the School of Fashion, actively researches sustainable fashion, textile waste, and social innovation, and is currently working on her PhD at the University of Waterloo. I moderated the discussion and brought a voice from the cosmetics space. As you may know, I work as a cosmetic chemist with a focus in sustainable development, mostly through my other company, The Eco Well. We talked waste… why we’re all passionate about the topic, issues we see in our own industries, waste management, waste reduction, and lots more. This will definitely be the first of many live panel podcasts. Our next one up will be in Toronto on March 23rd for our Green Beauty Night, which I’m so excited about. Interested in hosting a live panel at your university or business? Give us a shout!

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