The Eco Market 2018 Speakers

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Topic: Shifting to Environmentally Conscious Consumption

Ann Gibson is the creator and founder of Upcycle Lifestyle, a company focused on reusable alternatives to single-use products and grow-with-me clothing for the littles. Ann is a recent Environmental Engineering graduate and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Environment and Sustainability. As her educational path suggests, she is incredibly passionate about the environment and has a love for sewing. Upcycle Lifestyle allows her to combine passions to reduce consumer waste and encourage others to seek reusable alternatives.

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Topic: The Sharing Economy

Devon Fernandes is a Community Psychology Master's student at Wilfrid Laurier University, a Member of the Laurier Students' Public Interest Research Group Board of Directors, a member of the Community, Environment & Justice Research Group, an Environmental Sustainability Consultant at Sustainable Societies Consulting Group, and a Co-Founder of the Kitchener-Waterloo Library of Things.


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Topic: Wonder of Worms and Simplicity of Sprouts

Cathy Nesbitt is a worm advocate and founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters. Established in 2002 this environmental business specializes in vermicomposting and organic diversion. Cathy has been involved in numerous collection/composting research projects and diverted several tonnes from landfill. Over 75,000 have seen her presentation! Cathy has spoken on vermiculture at provincial and national conferences. She has been featured in a variety of media including in a TedTalk. Cathy has been acknowledged with several environmental and business awards.

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Topic: Bees and Beekeeping

Emily Mills is the owner of Emily Rose Apiaries - a commercial beekeeping operation with over 75 hives in Peterborough and Northumberland counties. In her operation, the bees come first, always. She is in her second year of a three year term on the board of directors for the Ontario Beekeepers' Association.  In this position, she works on various issues related to the beekeeping industry in Ontario. She is engaged in public education, and teaches introductory beekeeping seminars. She is also proud to supply her local area with pure, unpasteurized honey.

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Topic: Edible Insect Innovation, a Green Food Frontier

Lee is the co-founder and COO of ingredient company C-fu FOODS and the insect-based pasta sauce company, One Hop Kitchen. He studied mechanical engineering at McGill University and received an M.S. in Food Science from Cornell, where he also has lectured. He has invented two patent-pending insect based ingredients: Textured Insect Protein, a meat, dairy and egg replacer that can be made from any insect, and Insect Protein Concentrate, a water-soluble insect protein powder made from insects.

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Topic: Finding Nature in Your Neighbourhood

Jenna joined the rare team in spring 2012 and oversees the research and monitoring department. It was her curiosity about wildlife and nature that led her to study biology, and she is now a passionate advocate for our environment. Holding a M.Sc. in biology and a M.Ed. in curriculum development, Jenna is always keen to talk about research projects, field trips, and interesting wildlife sightings. Jenna is also a member of the Waterloo Region Nature club and is editor of their newsletter, The Heron.

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Topic: One Voice to Monitor Northern Canada’s Freshwater Aquatic Environment

Richard is an Aquatic Scientist and environmental consultant and holds a M.Sc in Applied Bioscience (Aquatic Toxicology). Through his research in the Canadian arctic, he's spent almost six months living in the far north. He has delivered presentations about his research at national and international scientific conferences from coast (Moncton), to coast (Vancouver) to coast (Iqaluit). 



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Topic: Beyond Crisis

Kai is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's Master of Climate Change (MCC) program and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus on film and video, through NSCAD University. Production credits include short works for social change groups such as, Swarm, Climate Matters, the Climate Emergency Institute and the Goenchi Mati Movement among others. A multimedia artist and storyteller by nature, Kai has worn many hats in leading Beyond Crisis to completion.