The Eco Market’s Low Waste Pantry - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony April 2nd, Project runs April 2nd-27th

The Eco Market’s Low Waste Pantry

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What is it?

The Eco Market is partnering with EAFWR to bring the community a Low Waste Pantry. Starting April 2nd, we will take over the Lil community library in Waterloo for 1 month in order to educate the community about the movement and make low waste items more accessible to all.

The community is invited to take an item or leave an item related to low waste living.

Why do it?

We need to drastically reduce our dependence on single-use plastics and other non renewables.  Often, though, the low waste alternatives are out of reach due to cost or lack of information. Our goal is to educate, share, support and ultimately make a more eco-conscious lifestyle accessible to everyone.

How to get Involved:

The Low Waste Pantry needs your support!  We invite local news outlets like yourself to participate in a few ways.    

  • Cover our ribbon cutting ceremony.

  • Promote our project on your social media channels.

  • Have us on your show to talk about the project.

  • Use the pantry.  Learn more about low waste alternatives.


  • Ribbon cutting ceremony April 2nd staring at 11am.

  • Projects runs April 2nd to 27th

  • The Low Waste Pantry will be located at 91 Moore Ave, Kitchener

Hope to see you there!

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